Enver Muhamedi

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Enver-aboutInstrument: Electric bass & Double bass
Years active – 2004 – present
Gender: Classic, jazz, funk,alternative rock, balkan, etc

He is from Mitrovica, city which now is divided but on earliest times known as the place where rock and jazz music cultivated as well.
So, he finished primary school of music for guitar. Then he has been in high school of music for contrabass. While that he was in high school he also continued to go well in Mitrovica Rock School which is associated with Fontys Rock Academie in Tilburg. This year he has graduated in both of these schools and, now he works as bass teacher in Rock School. On the other hand he plays with many bands and orchestras in Kosovo and Albania as a contrabass and bass player this year he played with a band from Albania in music in festival which is called “NGOM fest”and after that he started practicing with a band as well with Gipsy Groove from Kosovo. This year he has been in Istanbul and that was a great experience for him. He met and he played with great musicians there and next year he’s going to study there.