Faruk Banjska

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Faruk-about-newFaruk Banjska


Born in 1988 in Mitrovica, a city which is regarded as the birthplace of rock music in Kosovo. Since he was 8 he started playing guitar in primary school of classical music “Tefta Tashko”. After completing primary school of music as an autodidact he began to learn and play Rock and Blues. As young, he already started playing with a lot of bands around Kosovo mainly in jam sessions. At the age of 16 he made his first band and they were in a TV music competition called “Star Academy” in Albania where he ranked 3rd as one of the best instrumentalists.

He created his playing style, a kind of gypsy jazz guitar but adding pedal effects in a combination with classical sound of Fender guitars. His performances with acoustic guitar and vocal are special, too. Now he’s active with a number bands mainly with Edona Reshitaj, Gipsy Groove and Offchestra.